Anna T Iversen, LPC, LLB
Compliance Director

After a twenty-year career as a financial services lawyer in the City of London, Anna made a drastic career change following the passing of her parents in quick succession to cancer.

  • Bachelor of Laws, LLB
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, LPC
  • Solicitor (non-practicing)

Anna’s personal experience drove her to search for the answers, and once she grasped that metabolic health is foundational to good health, she felt compelled to get involved, spread the word and do her bit to help reverse the worrying negative chronic disease trend. Everyone deserves to know that the majority of chronic disease, including cancer, has similar roots and can be prevented and even reversed. She is a keen proponent for using data to achieve more predictable outcomes, whilst for the individual, the addition of a personal touch is key.

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