Belcampo's attention to organic and grass-fed standards

We all know that what we put into our body is of maximum importance to our health.  The air we breathe, the water we drink and the FOOD WE EAT all affect our bodies' systems in ways big and small.  For our meat-loving friends out there (we're looking at you, Keto practitioners) there is no comparison to Belcampo when it comes to delicious taste and ethical farming practices.  Their vision in practice is an alternative meat supply process using the supply chain they have themselves built which is founded in 28 acres of pristine farmland.  Belcampo raises their animals on their own farms, operates their own USDA-inspected and Animal Welfare Approved processing facility and sells the meat in their own butcher shops and restaurants.

Belcampo has two locations in Los Angeles and one in New York.  They pride themselves on serving local and paleo, however they do ship nationwide and their meat products from cattle, lamb, swine, chicken, and turkey (all expertly handled with low-stress practices) are the highest quality because all of the animals are tracked from birth to the butcher to your plate.

When it comes to beef, all of Belcampo's cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished.  Their cattle have the freedom to graze and express natural herd behavior.  Their chickens are free-range and grow at a slower pace than conventionally raised chicken.  Their swine forage in the tule wetlands and forested hillsides of the farm.  Combine this with Belcampo's farms which utilize sustainable soil and diverse plants in an effort to create a full circle ecosystem that regenerates on it's own, and it's little wonder why their food has proven to be of the highest quality, lowest-deuterium meats we have researched and tested here at the Center for Deuterium Depletion.

Their butchery was designed by Temple Grandin with Anya Fernald, the First Lady of Livestock, responsible for the amazing humane natural living conditions.  All of the meat is prepared by hand and it is aged longer than in conventional facilities to assure fullest expression of flavor, and no part of the animal goes to waste.  Put this all together and you have a fantastic source of high quality and ethically farmed meat available in the Los Angeles area.