Isabelle Benarous
BioReprogramming Director

Expert in the psychology of change and stress reduction

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Trainer

Isabelle Benarous is an international speaker, consultant, and author, and the founder of the BioReprogramming® Institute. She is an expert in the psychology of change and specializes in the resolution of health disorders linked to emotional stress. Based on her extensive experience as a trainer in neuro-linguistic programming(certified INLPTA), Isabelle created the comprehensive and transformational approach of BioReprogramming®, which permits the identification of emotional conflicts while providing individuals with concrete and powerful solutions to achieve emotional healing and transform their lives. Isabelle is dedicated to inspiring others to become the masters of their own healing, offering therapists and health-care practitioners a new vision for approaching illness. Her proven healing methods have touched and changed the lives of many people worldwide. Isabelle has built an outstanding reputation with a number of health service organizations throughout the world such as: A Better World (New York), Cornerstone Progressive Health (Nebraska), Motion Picture and Television Fund (California), Esalen (Big Sur, California), UCLA Wellness Center (California).

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