“Dr. Cooper is a healer, through and through. Pretty much any problem or combination of problems you may have, she can navigate your way to better health — and what’s more, you will actually enjoy getting helped! She is serious and warm and at the same time, an authority and a friend. And she doesn’t waste any time either—your sessions will be dense with information, so pay attention, follow her advice and things will get better!”

- Fiona Apple
Grammy Award-winning Singer-songwriter

“Since my treatments began with Dr. Cooper I have noticed an incredible difference in my body. She addressed the many issues that were compromising my quality of life. The frequency of my migraine headaches has been reduced, my stress level has become more manageable because I am not in constant pain and my skin looks phenomenal! Dr. Cooper will address the concerns that are keeping you from performing at an optimal level and will work with you to find the solutions. She is a natural born healer and I am grateful she moved back to Los Angeles from Australia.”

- Jeanie Buss
President, Los Angeles Lakers

"Dr. Cooper has been my amazing cure-all. When I pull out my back or sprain my neck after a bad night of sleep, I call Dr. Cooper for a quick adjustment, and I am ready to go. When my blood work shows that I need certain vitamins or nutrients, I call Dr. Cooper to organize my vitamin program. I strongly urge all my friends to see Anne, she is terrific."

- John Shaw
President, St. Louis Rams Football Team

“When my youngest brother passed away after a long battle with cancer, I knew that I need help getting thru the grief. Not wanting to go on medicine I turned to Dr. Anne to try and heal naturally. Thru her care I not only healed but feel better than I ever have. I learned more about my body and how it works plus all the aches and pains I had attributed to getting older went away. With Anne’s help, I have become a person with knowledge on how to truly take care of myself and feel great in the process. Getting healthy is truly a process but with Anne it has become a wonderful journey.”

- Kelly Moss
Author of The Santa Club
CEO JoeBro Records, CEO Kelly Lane Publishing

“If you suffer from headaches and migraines, then please consider Dr Cooper for treatment. I’ve lived with the pain and the inconvenience of headaches and migraines for most of my life. And while conventional medicine eased the problem, it never solved it. Until I met Dr Cooper! Not not only is she responsible for preventing my headaches, her overall approach to health has changed the way I feel in general. Dr Cooper’s extensive knowledge of the body, mind, nutrition and skin means you can trust she will not only treat your ailment but get to the root of the problem in order to prevent it reoccurring. If it’s to treat aches and pains, experience a relaxing facial or just take care of your wellbeing, I highly recommend Dr Cooper.”

- Louise P.

-  James Worthy
Los Angeles Lakers

-  Darryl Jones
Rolling Stones

“Dr. Anne Cooper's facials are the best in Los Angeles. My name is Lori Zech and I have been a client of Dr. Anne Cooper for over 20 years now. There is no one in the city of Los Angeles or the country for that matter that has Dr. Cooper's special touch and knowledge! She gives the most amazing facial on earth. She just recently put me on a body cleanse detox and I have lost 7lbs in two weeks...my goal was to lose 10lbs. I have two more weeks on the cleanse and have no doubt the weight will keep flying off. Pros: absolutely professional care, Cons: none.”

- Lori Zech

“Dr. Cooper has made such a difference in my health and state of well being. I do not know any one like her in the medical community that addresses a 360 of care as an experienced chiropractor, nutritionist and aesthetician. She specifically helped me rebuild my whole system – body structure, nerves, adrenals, weight-loss, skin disorder, nutrition. Her nutritional program is phenomenal. I was not even trying to lose weight and lost 17 lbs! Dr. Cooper not only treated but re-educated me on a new healthier way of eating and preventive care. She helped me learn how to take continued responsibility for my health and well being. I am telling all of my friends, family and business associates about the difference she has made in my life. She is an important cornerstone in our community and everyone should know about Dr. Anne Cooper.”

- Catherine Malloy

“Dr. Cooper’s practice is what modern medicine should be, holistic, effective, and fun! I can’t recommend her highly enough. My first experience with chiropractic care was to see Dr. Cooper after a shoulder injury from a skiing accident. A year later, my shoulder is fully functional and pain free, and this was achieved without any surgery or drugs. (I think that an MD would have had me on muscle relaxers and pain killers indefinitely and/or performed unnecessary rotator cuff surgery.) On her initial examination, she correctly diagnosed – to my astonishment – that much of my shoulder injury was actually due to a pinched nerve in my neck, since this nerve controls the shoulder muscles. With regular adjustments to my shoulder and neck, I steadily regained mobility. In the course of the these treatments, Dr. Cooper also diagnosed – and fixed – a number of other chronic problems that I didn’t realize could be treated by chiropractic care. For instance, I had pain in my hands from constant computer use that I feared signaled the onset of carpel tunnel syndrome or even arthritis. Since she’s been regularly adjusting my spine (between my shoulder blades), the pain in my hands has vanished. Also, the ongoing neck treatments have definitely improved the range of motion of my head. I can really notice how much further my head pivots when driving. Plus, Dr. Cooper’s treatment are very physical and feel great! Dr. Cooper has provided me with great nutritional advice. I have a chemistry and public health background and still learned a great deal from her about supplements from her. I followed her gentle cleansing diet and easily lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks while improving my long term eating habits. Dr. Cooper trained originally as an aesthetician and gives the best facials. She trained me to perform a series of facial exercises and introduced me to home micro-current therapy that really have helped tone up my face. So, after a year of treatment, I got my shoulder, hands, and neck fixed, lost 8 pounds, and toned up my sagging face. My friends say I look great and I know I feel better. I can’t wait for Dr. Cooper to finish her Doctorate in Chinese Medicine so I can try her acupuncture treatments next!”

- Dr. Lynn Creelman

“I started getting facials from Anne many years ago and I won’t see anyone else! I always leave her office with a healthy glow to my face, unlike some facials where your face looks like a pin cushion! The long neck massage makes you so relaxed you don’t want to leave. The products she uses are amazing. I gave gift certificates to my friends and they all agreed, Anne is the best!”

- Patti Everly

“Dr. Cooper has been treating me for 7 years. Without her expert care, I would have to endure a daily battle with chronic pain. She has provided me with days, weeks, and months of relief from back and neck pain as well as wellness advice and herbal remedies. I am Dr. Anne Cooper’s biggest supporter and fan and have recommended her to family and friends to assist with chiropractic needs.”

- David Kaplan

“I first visited with Dr. Cooper in November 2003. I had been suffering for several years with a form of interstitial cystitis. Beside the physical pain, I was also hurting from the emotional distress of the condition. My regular medical doctor had no solutions. I spent a lot of money & time for nothing more than a ‘get used to it’ solution. In only one session, Dr. Cooper diagnosed the causes and started me on the road to recovery. She had me do some very simple dietary changes along with taking some mineral supplements, and it was like a miracle. Almost immediately I was pain free. Dr. Coopers knowledge of nutrition, health, and ‘a system in balance’ is amazing. I’ve been pain free now for over two years, and the condition has all but disappeared. I’m feeling great about myself! I was so happy with the results I treated myself to her hydrating facial. Her hands are as skilled as her knowledge of the human body! I’ve become a regular patient, and use many of the services she offers. Thanks Dr. Cooper!”

- Jacqueline Ann

“Thank you for your attention to detail and all the hard work you have put into becoming one of the very best chiropractors I have ever had attend to my back. The truth be told, I think you are one of, if not the very best in the field, but of course I am limited to my own experience. You must be wondering what prompted the email. It’s very simple. I just returned from a rather brisk, sweat-producing walk of about one and half to two miles, and I didn’t have a any back pain. Only one who has lived with back pain for over twenty years can understand the value of being without that frequent visitor. It was your attention to detail which led me to get my inserts, and I am just blown away at how effective they are. Thank you a thousand times!”

- Carl D.

“Dr. Anne Cooper is a bona fide fix-it-person! I have been going to Dr. Cooper for over a decade for whatever has pained me. Depending on what is going on in my life, my body reacts in different ways and manifesting stress in different places….always, within a very short period of time, she has managed to cure me in ways that both relieve my ailments and make it pleasant in the process. As long as I have aches and pains I will seek out Dr. Cooper to relieve them.”

- Leslie Campbell

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