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Purchase a D-TerminatorTM test to determine your DFactor, how well you deplete deuterium, by measuring markers for deuterium in your tissues and biological fluids. Everyone should know how well they can deplete deuterium since it's the basis for health and disease!


This test can be used to evaluate the water in the air (humidity) from your home, gym, church, workplace etc. This is an important source of deuterium exposure since you breathe in up to three liters of water a day - you can collect the water from an air conditioner or dehumidifier.


This test determines the deuterium levels in meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, breads, soups, stews, and food ingredients like flour, butter, herbs, seasoning, etc. as well as in supplements and protein powders. The test will provide one value that represents how much deuterium is in the food after we remove the residual moisture and liquid from it. The test can be used to compare and evaluate everything from GMO vs. non GMO to organic vs. non organic to vegetables vs. fruits to local vs. imported to gluten vs. gluten-free and more. Research indicates that eating low deuterium foods may be the fastest and best way to increase your energy, slow the aging process and prevent and fight disease.


This straightforward test can be used to evaluate any pure water source from commercial waters sold in stores and online to ground-waters from the tap, streams, wells, rivers, lakes, and oceans to seasonal waters from rain, snow, and glaciers to water someone gives you from another country or planet. If it’s water then this is the test you want to order. Please note that if you want the total deuterium in a beverage like milk, soda, alcoholic beverages, etc., you will need to order both a test for water and a test for food since the dry ingredients like sugars or dyes in such beverages will have to also be measured.

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