Deuterium and Disease 

Deuterium and Disease 

Fact: High levels of deuterium make you sick.

Fact: Every sick patient we have tested, had high levels of deuterium in their bodies.

What Exactly is Deuterium?

Deuterium is actually a rare type of hydrogen. Instead of just one proton in its nucleus, deuterium also has an extra neutron.

This makes it twice as big, and twice as heavy.

It is important to know that deuterium is not a toxin - it is naturally occurring and has a purpose. In nature, deuterium helps things grow.

However, having too much deuterium in your cells can result in mitochondrial dysfunction and lead to premature aging, metabolic problems, and disease.

How Does Deuterium Contribute to Disease and Weakened Immune Responses?

When deuterium levels get too high, these heavy hydrogens increasingly take the place of regular hydrogens and wreak havoc inside your cells. These are two of the primary ways it affects your ability to get and stay healthy:

1. Energy production: when deuterium takes the place of hydrogen inside your mitochondria, it breaks your delicate cellular “engines.” This damages your ability to produce the cellular energy our body relies on to fight disease, illness and to just stay healthy.

2. Cellular structure and signaling: when deuterium takes the place of hydrogen as a building block for DNA, body tissue, and organs, it can lead to abnormal cell growth and immune responses.

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