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It's hard to stay healthy even when there isn’t a global pandemic. And as science now reveals, many of our modern health challenges share a common root - the hidden reason we slow down, get sick, and age early - broken or weak metabolic health.

No matter what you are dealing with, we are committed to helping you enjoy more energy, more time with family and friends, more positive health outcomes, more brilliant moments, more birthday parties, and more living life on your terms.

Conditions We Support

Cancer: You may be an active cancer patient, in remission or working to avoid getting cancer or a recurrence.

Metabolic Disorders and Diseases: You may be suffering from metabolic disorder, auto immune condition, low energy production or another health issue. You may be struggling because you don’t have the energy you need for daily tasks, let alone healing.

Immune Dysfunction and Infections: Perhaps you are at greater risk due to your age, your occupation, or other factors and want to focus on doing everything possible to safeguard your health and increase your resilience to infection.

No matter what your unique situation is, we are here for you. Our program is fully customized to support you in restoring your body’s ability to produce cellular energy, giving you the power to restore and maintain your own health naturally. Giving your body the energy needed for optimal function and the correct building blocks to create healthy tissue is the most powerful, fundamental action you can take to support your own health.


When deuterium becomes part of the backbone of your DNA, it changes its three-dimensional structure. Think of it like Lego pieces: the shape of what you create depends on the size of the pieces you use. When DNA becomes so misshapen that it can’t fold properly, the backbone remains “open” and genetic mutations occur because the cell replicates over and over. Some of those mutations lead to normal cells becoming cancer cells. The metabolism of cancer cells differ from normal cells. Almost everyone knows that cancer primarily uses sugars (carbohydrates) for energy. In most cases, a high-carb diet means it is also a high-deuterium diet, and cancer cells use the energy made from these foods primarily to fuel the continuous replication of its DNA. Consuming high levels of deuterium is literally like pouring gas into cancer's fuel tank.

The following outcomes have been observed when complementary deuterium depletion therapy has been added:

  • A decrease in the severity of side-effects associated with standard of care cancer therapy.
  • Reduced recovery times following standard of care therapy.
  • Increased patient physical, mental, and emotional resiliency.
  • Increased effectiveness of standard of care therapies even when they have failed before.
  • Longer time in remission.
  • Improved mean survival times.

Additional functions of deuterium depletion:

  • Lowers the amount of deuterium in your cells.
  • Depletes deuterium from your existing DNA and allows it to fold properly.
  • Gives you the right building blocks to make "good DNA."
  • Stops the high rate of mutations in cancer cells and, therefore, increases the effectiveness of drugs - even those that didn't work at first.
  • Allows cells to stop replicating and go through apoptosis (normal cell death).

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Metabolic Disorders and Diseases

Life isn’t complicated - the more energy you have, the better you feel, the younger you look, the healthier you are, and the more you can achieve. Your metabolism provides this energy by transforming the food into both energy and the biomolecules needed to live.

Nanomotors are tiny engines inside your cells’ mitochondria - think of them like billions of little windmills, but powered by hydrogen molecules instead of wind. Instead of making electricity, nanomotors produce energy (ATP) and metabolic water, which are required to support every single process that takes place inside your body. Because deuterium is twice as large as regular hydrogen, it can actually damage and break these nanomotors when it hits them. Having fewer nanomotors decreases your ability to make energy and metabolic water, which can lead to a wide range of health complications.

That’s not the only thing deuterium does in your body. When deuterium becomes part of biomolecules like enzymes, insulin, and cholesterol, it changes their shape and properties. This change can alter their ability to effectively bind and operate as intended. This “foreign” shape may also be responsible for dysregulated immune responses within the body.

Deuterium depletion:

  • Lowers the deuterium in your cells.
  • Means less nanomotors get broken.
  • Results in you making more energy.
  • Allows you to make enough energy for your biological systems - immune system, cardiovascular system, etc. - to properly function and keep you healthy and disease free.
  • Results in you making more metabolic water.

Immune Dysfunction and Infections

High deuterium levels can lead to a weakened immune system, as well as dysregulated immune responses to non-harmful entities in the body that would ordinarily be ignored. The confused immune system then becomes worn out and incapable of mounting an effective response to harmful entities when needed. Studies have shown that organisms such as bacteria and yeast can actually thrive in a higher-deuterium environment, and that increased levels of deuterium can increase their growth rate, lifespan, and size. By reducing the amount of deuterium available, we can remove this advantage while simultaneously supporting the healthy function of your immune system.

Deuterium depletion:

  • Lowers the amount of deuterium in your body.
  • Lessens the availability of deuterium to dysregulate and turn off the immune system.
  • Lessens the availability of deuterium that infectious pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and protozoa need to grow.
  • Mitigates the growth of existing infections while stopping the occurrence of new infections.

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