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Oct 30, 2020

We know that a cancer diagnosis brings challenges, not just for the cancer patients, but for those who love them too. The biggest challenge is often choosing which treatment options will give them the best chance.  These medical decisions are not always easy to understand, especially when you are dealing with the pain, fatigue and fear that come with a cancer diagnosis.  

Your family and friends, with the best intentions, offer therapy ideas - but most don’t have the medical knowledge to know which suggestions are best. With so many well-intentioned voices in your ear, and the often-conflicting information online about the latest-and-greatest treatments, this can be a very stressful time. You can’t afford to be frozen by stress and fear. You have decisions to make, and a direction to choose.  We’ve seen this with a lot of patients that reach out to us, which is why we are so passionate about spreading the word about the safe and effective techniques that we use in our program. 

For decades in Europe, deuterium depletion protocols have been used to help cancer patients. There are many published studies showing how effective they are in combination with standard therapies.  You don’t have to choose one or the other – we work WITH oncologists to make sure our patients are getting the best care possible. 

Using the same science and research as the foundation of our programs and protocols, our patients have also had better clinical outcomes than with standard therapies alone. Our goal is to outsmart the cancer and give our patients a greater chance at remission and a better life after cancer.   

When patients first come to us, we share the stories of our other cancer patients who have we have helped with our deuterium depletion program, MyTabolism Oncology.  Here are some that stand out for me:  

A young 35 year-old man with stage four colon cancer went through our MyTabolism Oncology program, along with standard treatments by his oncologist. He went into complete remission within a few months and told me he didn’t experience any of the horrible side effects that people told him he was going to have from his treatment. 

Another example is a woman with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She came to us extremely frail and thin, gray in pallor, and in a wheelchair. A personalized MyTabolism Oncology program helped her better tolerate her treatments, gain some healthy weight back, and look and feel much better.  

A father and football coach in his 50’s came to us with advanced prostate cancer. He was frail and depressed after his doctors told him he should get things in order. Now he’s back to coaching, feeling motivated, and full of hope for continued life with his sons - and playing lots of golf. 

The MyTabolism Oncology program works.  By focusing on restoring metabolic health and lowering deuterium, our patients regain the energy to fight their cancer. This also strengthens the immune system and our own internal defense systems against unhealthy cells and disease.  Having high levels of deuterium is literally like pouring gas into cancer’s fuel tank.  

We hope you take the opportunity to explore the resources on our site. For personalized guidance, a consultation with one of our doctors can help you decide the path that’s best for you. Your life, your cancer, your choices. We are here to give you scientifically validated information and be your guide.      

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