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“Tell me if you’ve been here before. You walk into a doctor’s office and they give you the news – you have cancer. Then they lay out what they want to do to you. You go home and, once the shock eases a bit, you try to remember everything they said. Now you read the pamphlets the doctor gave you and start searching the internet.

Things look dire to say the least - everything you read says that it’s going to be tough but, no matter what, you can see that some people make it ... it just doesn’t say how or why. But the statistics say it happens. The only thing you can do is hope you're one of the lucky ones.

We say, join us and learn about the information behind the statistics and what it may take to get the better clinical outcomes the pamphlets and internet are taking about.”

Knowledge is power – it’s time for you to Know Different™

- Allen Green, M.D., Medical Director, Metabolic Oncology Clinic

Complementary Care Plans That Deliver Better Clinical Outcomes
Standard of care alone does not always result in the outcomes we hope for. Better outcomes have been achieved and conventional treatments have been proven more effective when combined with additional, more holistic therapies.

There is so much information out there, and we are here to help you separate fact from fiction so that you can make decisions that are right for you. We give our clients the most effective tools available, the knowledge to know which to choose, the confidence to use them, and the insight to accurately predict how well they are working.

Telehealth or In-Person Care
Accessing groundbreaking therapies is easier than ever thanks to our telemedicine platform. With remote appointments available with the click of a button, we can help you design the most comprehensive and powerful treatment plan specifically for you - and help you get the best health outcome possible.

Personalized Care Plans
Customized programs and care plans are developed based on each individual client, their state of health and treatments they are undergoing, or have utilized in the past. Our care approach is to ensure that all potential paths to better outcomes are covered.

We utilize only the most effective and scientifically validated modalities, and customize every recommendation to your unique situation and diagnosis.

Deuterium Depletion Therapy and Cancer Care
Better outcomes have been observed when Deuterium Depletion Therapy has been added to cancer care plans. Often, the effectiveness of other therapies and treatments have been improved. Download the clinical research brochure.

Complementary cancer therapies:

  • Deuterium Depleting Nutrition -  DDW protocols designed specifically for the clinical status of your disease along with deuterium depleting ketogenic, carnivore and plant based diets that give you more of the energy and resiliency you'll need to fight even the most dire prognosis.
  • IV DDW - IV DDW therapy is used to administer nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, key electrolytes and immune or cancer modulators directly into the bloodstream. This route allows for a higher concentration of nutrients, electrolytes, or bio-modulators to be delivered to the tissues than does oral supplementation.
  • Methadone Sensitization: Emerging research shows that adding methadone to other protocols may increase their effectiveness against cancer.
  • High Dose IV Vitamin C: High doses of Vitamin C have been shown to provide support to patients undergoing standard of care treatments and may also have anticancer effects.
  • Fractional Chemotherapy: By employing a multi-factored treatment strategy, many patients can reduce their chemotherapy dose and, therefore, also its negative side effects without decreasing its cancer killing effectives.
  • Cannabis Sensitization: We offer the most cutting-edge, evidence-based cannabis treatments available.
  • Mistletoe Extract: Research shows these compounds may stimulate the immune system to fight cancer.
  • Hyperthermia: Heat-based therapy approved by the FDA to be used with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy to treat tumors.
  • HBOT: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy consists of the inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled and has been shown to enhance the body's natural healing.
  • Ozone Therapy: The effects of ozone gas have been utilized and heavily studied for more than a century and found to be proven and consistent, having minimal and preventable side effects. Ozone, properly introduced into the body, has a keen ability to inactivate bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoa while stimulating the metabolism of oxygen in the body and activating the immune system.

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