The Power of Our Innate Intelligence


Nov 10, 2020

How do our bodies know how to stay healthy? There are reasons we get sick, and reasons we don’t. Let's talk about the “doctor” within, which is called our innate intelligence.

Innate intelligence is our body’s internal wisdom and programming that continuously works to keep us healthy. It knows how to keep our internal functions working in balance and how to respond to external threats. How does an oak tree know how to grow from a little seed? In the same way, our human bodies “know” how to live, grow, and thrive.

Our bodies are wired to govern every single function and response in our body. Every chemical reaction, every new cell, and every defense from the immune system is controlled and coordinated by this innate intelligence that works to maintain the balance needed for us to live and stay healthy. And when something goes wrong, your body knows to send energy to the area not functioning properly so that it can fix itself.

This natural process works wonderfully unless something comes along and interferes with it. Our job is to learn about the things that can keep our body from functioning properly, and then do what we can to address them. Removing obstacles that impair our innate intelligence restores our body’s ability to heal itself.

A scientific approach to this concept is optimizing your body’s ability to produce energy (ATP) in the mitochondria. This energy is truly the “life force” that powers everything in your body, including your ability to heal yourself. Rather than add supplements to try to increase mitochondrial function, we reduce the burden on the body by simply removing the obstacle so they are able to produce energy as they are naturally designed to do. Your body knows what to do - imagine what can happen when you give your body the power to heal yourself!

Our MyTabolism Program is centered on restoring metabolic health and improving ATP production. It has transformed the lives of people with metabolic conditions such as chronic fatigue, immune challenges, cancer, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how this program could help you.

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